Create the 3D art that comes from your heart. 💓

Because that's what will bring you the most stability, clarity, purpose, and income.

In Thoughtful3D we help you

• Realign yourself with the reason why you pursued this craft in the first place.

• Develop strike-proof, recession-proof skill sets, that make you more resilient to volatile times.

• AI cannot create or replace the work that comes from your heart or soul. AI cannot replace you.

• Capture consistent opportunities & revenue without depending on the studios that are quick to screw artists over.

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Note: Working with me is not a self-study course and requires commitment to your creative future.

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My students have gotten sweet jobs at awesome studios:

All artists get stuck.

Yet, studios are hiring other artists everyday for amazing projects we'd kill to work on. How are they getting those jobs?

Studios aren't giving you a chance.

Most studios don't respond to your application. If they do, they say "they're moving forward with other candidates." They don't tell you why they didn't pick you or what you need to do to improve. It feels like you have to break-in just to be considered.

We know how you feel: frustrated, disheartened, and losing confidence. You don't have the support, professional feedback, or an inside look at how hiring decisions are made.

It's hard to know what 3D recruiters look for.

The job descriptions are either super-intimidating or completely vague. All of them require years of experience that you don't have. Should you apply anyway? Is your demo reel what they're looking for? What should you work on first and what is the most important thing you're missing out on?

You don't have the resources to chase your dream.

Between your job and daily responsibilities, who the hell can carve out time to achieve a dream? The schools you've found look great, but they require a massive time and financial commitment. Even if you could, what guarantee do they offer that will make you feel comfortable making a decision of that magnitude? How can you tell which step is the right step for you?

Better art,
better opportunities.

Going from where you are now to where you want to be is as simple as signing the job offer. But it’s not easy.

Plug into our network of pros.

We've all heard the cliche: It's not what you know, it's who you know. In the 3D industry, it's who knows you. Joining this program means building camaraderie with your classmates, connecting to the studios you love via our recruitment team and making real contacts with professionals already in the industry.

Get feedback on your work from professional artists.

Inside knowledge is vital to landing the job. You need answers from artists with years of industry experience that have been there and done that. Creating and presenting your art beyond industry standard ensures the next time you put in an application they send you an offer.

Skip unneccessary classes

There's nothing more painful, more soul-crushing than wasting time in a class that you spent money on that has nothing to do with your dream career. Get the exact direction you need, when you need it, scheduled around your busy life.

Artwork by student Kyle BrownBased on concept art by Etienne Savoie.

Make great art

Great studios expect great art. The quality of work you deliver, your ability to meet deadlines and effectively communicate, all determine success in this industry.

We have over a decade of experience that informs our tried and true systems which will transform your art and mindset. Our experience is here and available for you. We want you to learn from our mistakes so you don’t lose the same amount of time and money we did or miss any once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Thoughtful3D members say

Conor has always been a step ahead in reaching out to his students. Making sure they understand the material and maintain the proper, healthy mindset to succeed as an artist. Conor has always been a great mentor, friend, and artist.  

I wouldn't have a foot in the industry nor the maturity as an artist that I have today without Conor's help.

Jose Antonio Ong

Cinematic Animator
PlayStation Studios

Conor is a very passionate and caring instructor. As his student, I greatly benefited from his teaching skills and knowledge. His classes are very fun and engaging. He is also accommodating and spends much time ensuring his students learn the skills. I hope he continues his career as an instructor.

Gilda Soufi

Senior Surfacing Artist
Mainframe Studios

Conor defines professionalism, integrity and artistry. As a former student of Conor's, he would take time for each individual. Conor explains the most intricate topic and delivers it simply so it could be understood by all.
As a mentor, Conor is very approachable, relatable and a talented individual. When he delivers his lectures you can sense his ambition and devotion to his crafts, yet he is humble and selfless.  

Jann Herrera

Senior 3d Modeler
Mainframe Studios

Having Conor as an instructor has been a life changer. He is incredibly knowledgeable and well-versed in the science, theory, techniques, and pipelines behind 3D art and its programs. He is also conveys that information to his students in a clear and concise manner.
He has an impressive ability to troubleshoot and problem solve any technical issue that arises on the spot. In addition to his expertise, he has been a source of motivation to his students. He really has gone above and beyond. We are incredibly grateful to learn from him.

Kailyn Beecher

Character Artist
Electronic Arts

It is thanks to Conor that I have obtained a job as a junior surface artist. One rarely comes across a standout teacher like Conor. He's always supported me with professionalism and passion and given me the right advice, especially in building my demo reel.
Conor is a great 3D artist with knowledge in any CGI field, especially with textures, lighting and rendering.

Federica De Simone

Surfacing Artist
Mainframe Studios

Conor’s supportive personality and willingness to teach has been a constant source of motivation and inspiration to all of his students. His extensive artistic background and understanding of the industry has allowed him to provide students with realistic solutions and critiques to tackle any project. Conor’s personalized approach to each student with his lectures have been eye-opening and gives the students confidence and direction to continue working towards their dream; something that isn’t provided by any other school.

Desmond Chan

3D Generalist
Atomic Cartoons

Conor is an amazing professor with a Rockstar personality. Not only knows his subject in and out, but also guides everyone with the best of his ability. I personally have taken college classes with him and he brings out the best in you and you can always rely on him for decision-making and critiques. He always makes time to discuss amazing projects and how to make it more fun.

Ahmed Sohail

3D artist
Barnstorm VFX

Conor is an excellent instructor. He is encouraging, empathetic, and a fountain of knowledge. I found meeting up for the zoom classes each week uplifting and I found the confidence in myself grow as he helped me through resume polishing and portfolio creation that allowed me to show off my work to it's best. And that work paid off, as I now have my first job in the industry and I thank Conor, and the other students I learned with for helping me believe I could do it. I owe a lot to Thoughtful3D, both mentally and artistically. Thank you!

Kate Elliott-Jones

Junior 3D Modeler
Twisted Mountain Animation

At first I had a large body of work but not much skill in presenting it for prospective employers. Over the course of a few sessions, Conor has taught me ways of crafting demo showreels that would compel recruiters in videogame, film and animation industries.

Thanks to his excellent guidance, my demo reel landed me a job with an animation studio which produces work for Disney and Netflix.  

Yuri Brigadir

Technical Artist
Atomic Cartoons

There's more, but I need to update my website 😂